Home learning support

If you're looking for support over the next few weeks (whether that be moral or learning!) the Friends can help.
Most classes have (unofficial) facebook or/and WhatsApp groups.  If you're not part of these but would like to be email us and we will ask the class reps to add you.  Be warned, they are very active at the moment so you might want to 'mute'!
As people are finding online rescources, they are sharing them.  The documents posted here has some as does the link from PTA+ which you can follow by copying the link.  If you think anything should be on there but isn't, or that shouldnt be there that is, please let us know.  Please note that we have not vetted these - it is for you to make sure they are suitable!!!  
There is also a list of offline ideas - these will vary depending on your skills/room/stuff available.  Make this enforced time with your loved ones as productive as possible - or at least survive-able.
Lastly, please remember us if you are having a sort out.  We welcome donations of unwanted gifts, good quality toys and books and preloved uniform.  We will post opportunities to drop off on facebook and whatsapp.
Get in touch: southmallingfriends@gmail.com
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