News from our Governors

5th January 2015

Parents whose children were at School in Autumn 2013, will remember the consultation about whether we should join the proposed Lewes Cooperative Learning Partnership, with Priory and Western Road, Iford and Kingston, Pells, Rodmell and Southover. Parents who attended the consultation here were generally in favour of the proposal, so long as it did not interfere with providing our children with the best possible education. Governors believed that it should help the school. Most schools in Lewes are tackling similar problems and the opportunity to share practice and, with Priory, to provide even better preparation for children moving from Primary to Secondary Education - wherever they choose to go — can only be of benefit.

After this consultation, the process was reviewed; views expressed were considered; objections taken into account and Governors of the two County Schools decided it was the right thing to do.

For them, this involved a complex legal process in which they took responsibility for their buildings, grounds and staff, which had previously belonged to the Local Authority. The five Church Schools, including us, are already part of a Trust and our property and staffing responsibilities are already governed by Trust Law. We didn’t have their hard decisions, which is why we are simply partners.

For us, everything went quiet as the lawyers and officials did their work. The Learning Partnership was finally incorporated on 5th August 2014.

This Autumn, the Partnership has been getting underway. A Memorandum of Understanding has been agreed, setting out how the schools will work together; a Chairman has been appointed and a Clerk will be appointed this term. Three development priorities have been agreed which match those already agreed by Lewes Heads. There will be an Official Launch, probably towards Summer, to which partner schools and bodies will be invited. So we are on our way.

Best wishes to parents, children and staff and to all our partners for a very happy and successful New Year.

Ian Rothery, Vice Chair of Governors.