Kit Car Success

4th July 2013

Goblins at Goodwood
Every year, Year 6 Purple Penguins participate in the Greenpower Kit Car project, under the expert guidance of Mrs Swan. They dissemble and rebuild the electric car, practise racing it and enter local and national race events. So far this year, various children have successfully raced at Plumpton and Ringmer Colleges, and on Sunday 30th June, they had a glorious day at Goodwood Motor Circuit – the finale of the season.
The morning's challenges were the gated slalom, a test of driver and engineering skill, driving as fast as they dare through a series of cones. Next up was the drag, a flat out 50 metre dash, testing driver's nerves and again, pushing the set-up of the cars to their limit. The third of the morning's challenges, unique to the Goodwood gathering was the one lap sprint - a fast and furious turn around the Goodwood chicane.
After a picnic lunch in the glorious sunshine, the event that all children wanted to participate in - The Race of Champions! Names had to be drawn out of a hat for driver and pusher; the lucky two were Harry (driver) and Theo (pusher). Each car was fitted with a transponder to electronically time their lap of the Goodwood circuit in the race. Once this was done the grid was lined up ready for the last event of the day. The circuit looked amazing with 67 cars lined up in front of the pit lane and a huge crowd cheering the teams on. The Goblins went chasing off down the straight and disappeared around the first bend. There then followed a few, quiet apprehensive minutes as they made their way around the 2.4 miles of track. Loud cheers went up when those on the pit roof terrace caught sight of the first cars coming back around the corner and back to the finish line.
Many thanks to all parents who have supported the kit car events this year, getting their children to various events, often with a very early start. And of course, a huge thank you to Mrs Swan for all her time, energy, expertise and enthusiasm that she has voluntarily contributed to the kit car this year.
Have a look in our Gallery for photos of this year’s kit car events.