Lexia Learning

At South Malling, we aim to provide personalised learning for each child. For those children who need some extra support with their reading, Lexia provides a range of personalised, fun reading activities.

Using the software, children are automatically provided with reading activities, appropriate to their reading ability, and work independently on developing their reading skills.

This award-winning technology automatically assesses children as they work through their personalised activities; support activities help those children who are struggling; whereas those who show proficiency are quickly advanced to a higher level.

As children progress through each level, they receive certificates which are presented in our Stars of the Week Assembly every Friday.

Each child has their own log-in details, this means that when they log-in at home, they are accessing exactly the same set of personalised reading activities as they do at school. Only by using Lexia at home and at school, will your child make rapid progress through the levels.

In order for Lexia to be effective, children should participate in the Lexia reading games for 20 – 60 minutes per week. At school, they will have dedicated time for using Lexia during the school day; however, children should be working through the activities and levels at home for 20 minutes per week.