The Highway Man Workshop

8th February 2013


This term, the Emerald Elephants have been studying 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. They were lucky enough to participate in a day's workshop with John Kirk - listen to 'Tim's Monologue', written by John especially for the day and see photos of the here.

 The Highwayman Workshop
By Solomon Newth

On Tuesday the 5th of February 2013 a man called John Kirk came in to do a Highwayman workshop.
One of my favourite bits was when we got to act out the bit when Bess gets shot. We had to say a sentence about what we were feeling. I was the redcoat in my group, Elf was Tim the ostler, Jacob was Bess and Ben was the highwayman.

We also did hotseating and we had to think of questions to ask Bess, the highwayman, Tim the ostler, the landlord and the redcoats. Kuba and I came up with a good question according to John Kirk (but I can’t remember it).

At the end he came in and he slammed the door  (it was funny because my mum was working outside) he was pretending to be Tim the ostler. He made people laugh so much that they cried (in laughter!!!), he said he just thought of it in the toilet.