If you have volunteered to wrap gifts, someone will be handing them out at the Friends shed (behind the nursery playframe) at drop off and pick up on Friday 29th November.  If you can't get there, please let us know and we will make sure some find their way to you.   Most people use their own wrapping paper (Aldi has 12m for 99p) but if you need some, please ask.

The wrapped gifts need to be back at school by close of play on Thursday 12th December.  Someone will be at the shed each day at pick up that week to collect things.

Do what you can but ideally leave one of each item/variety unwrapped.  This will be the display item (so the children can see what they are buying).  

Separate different varieties/colours (if appropriate) and wrap each colour/variety in a different wrapping paper (so that when the kids say they only want e.g. a ‘pink’ one we have some chance of knowing which are pink without unwrapping them).  Group them together when bringing them back if you can.

If you have any questions, please send a whatsapp to 07778 933795 or email   southmallingfriends@gmail.com.


Thank you!!!!