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South Malling CE Primary

History and Geography

Our history and geography curriculum fosters pupils' curiosity and engages them at both a local and global level, encouraging them to consider different perspectives and build a coherent understanding of local, national and global history and geography.

South Malling’s History curriculum is enquiry-based, where open questions inspire pupils’ curiosity and fascination about the past. They are encouraged to relate this to their experiences of the present, and to consider how it might inform their ideas for the future. Our History curriculum encourages our pupils to develop their own sense of identity and purpose, considering their place in society and the value of their voice through their learning of the past. This is taught and developed through the recurring concepts of community and equality, power, legacy, invasion and beliefs.

Learning is made relevant and meaningful by exploring local history, and pupils are inspired by significant individuals or civilisations who have broken conventions, shown great resilience, or fought for a cause, leaving a legacy that we see today. Pupils are given opportunities to build on and develop the skills to ask thought-provoking questions; interpret a range of resources; and consider different perspectives and viewpoints to build a coherent understanding of their own history, and of the wider world.

In a world where the relationship between humankind and the natural world is more significant than ever, South Malling’s Geography Curriculum aims to equip its pupils with vital knowledge and understanding of local and global issues, and communities different from our own. Located on the edge of a National Park, our Geography curriculum fosters curiosity and passion about their school environment and local area, from which they develop their role as an active and responsible local citizen, which remains with them for the rest of their lives. Through rich, authentic experiences, our pupils are encouraged to think deeply about the diversity of the people and places on our planet.